We demand the reinstatement of 300 positions offered through the CNRS recruitment campaign

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Public research is facing difficult times, yet its importance for society has never been more critical. At a moment in time when we are being confronted with the challenges imposed upon us by climate change, when democratic regimes face profound questioning, and when we must be increasingly vigilant in the face of “fake news”, never has the necessity to understand the world in a collective and unbiased manner, as well as to shed light on these things that threaten us, been more urgent.

Even so, the elimination of 340 permanent CNRS (National scientific research centre / Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique) positions has been planned to occur by 2022, and this is in addition to the 1581 permanent positions that have already been eliminated since 2005.

We cannot remain silent in the face of this significant lack of investment in research, in the face of the sacrifices of an entire generation of young researchers, and in the face of the presaged loss of expertise and attractiveness of our research system. We must demand support for fundamental research. Today, we must again act. Recent budgetary news have given us the opportunity: for the 2019 CNRS recruitment campaign only 250 positions will be opened, while 300 were opened last year (-17%) and in the years preceding. The heads of the various CNRS research sections have recently sounded the alarm via a text published in Le Monde, and it behooves every researcher, every academic, every student, and every citizen to lend them their support.

By defending the CNRS we participate equally in the general defence of higher education and of public research in France, and we act in favour of the production and diffusion of knowledge to the largest possible audience.

To demand the reinstatement of the 50 positions that have been eliminated this year please sign and join the 12046 first signatories (see the complete list at the bottom of the page) !

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Cette opération est désormais close

Date de fin: Mar 22, 2019

Signatures recueillies: 12046

12,046 signatures

How do we finance 50 CNRS positions?

The average cost of a CNRS researcher, averaged over his or her entire career and over all grades, is about 100 000 euros per year (this includes salary and contributions to social security, retirement, etc.). 50 positions are therefore valued at 5 million euros. Where can we find 5 million euros? Here are a few suggestions: – The ANR (National Research Agency / Agence Nationale de la Recherche) has seen a 65-million-euro budget increase over 2 years. 5 million euros for the CNRS is therefore feasible. – Program 190, which concerns dual research (civil and military) distributes 92 million euros per year to large private companies without any traceability (according to the La République En Marche ! party spokeswoman for the “Research and Higher Education” mission of the 2019 budget proposal). Taking 5 million euros to finance CNRS positions would not be scandalous*. – The research tax credit represents 6 billion euros of fiscal expenditure, with results that we can barely see in terms of innovation (for example, in terms of patents or publications). *It is of note that an amendment with this exact goal was proposed by a deputy of the La République En Marche ! party, but it was rejected by the majority!

Firs signatories

Bruno Andreotti, Laboratoire de Physique Statistique

Dominique Archambault, Université Paris 8-Vincennes-Saint-Denis, CHART

Olivier Berné, IRAP

Muriel Darmon, CESSP-CNRS

Ghislain Deleplace, Université Paris 8, LED

François Denord, CESSP

Claude-Olivier Doron, SPHERE

Pascale Dubus, IHMC

Olivier Gimenez, CEFE UMR 5175 – CNRS

Pierre-Henri Gouyon, UMR CNRS-MNHN ISYEB

Hugo Harari-Kermadec, IDHES, ENS Paris-Saclay

Philippe Huneman, IHPST UMR8590

Sophie Jallais, PHARE

chantal Jaquet, Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne

Marc Joly, Laboratoire Printemps (UVSQ/CNRS)

Morgan Jouvenet

Laurent Loison, IHPST UMR 8590

Cédric Lomba, Cresppa

Frédéric Lordon, CESSP

Pascal Maillard, EA 1337 Université de Strasbourg

Jean-Marie Maillars, LPTMC, CNRS, Sorbonne Université

Nicolas Mariot, CESSP UMR 8209

Marie-Domitille Porcheron, CRAE EA 4291 UPJV Amiens

Joel Pothier, Sorbonne Université

Thomas Pradeu, ImmunoConcept

Maxime Quijoux, Lise

Céline Ruet, Université paris 13

Arnaud Saint-Martin, CESSP/CNRS

Stéphane Schmitt, SPHERE

Nathalie Sigot Université, Paris 1, PHARE

Maud Simonet, IDHES/CNRS

Christian Topalov, Ecole des hautes études en sciences sociales

Eric Valentin, CRAE EA 4291 UPJV AMIENS


Liste de signataires 

Dernières candidatures
12,046 Stéphane Oliveira Mar 18, 2019
12,045 Armelle Chabot IFSTTAR Mar 15, 2019
12,044 charlene magnani INMG (UCBL/CNRS/INSERM) Mar 12, 2019
12,043 Biloa Junier Mar 12, 2019
12,042 Eric DUFRENE CNRS Mar 08, 2019
12,041 Julien Bacque Cazenave INCIA - Université de Bordeaux Mar 04, 2019
12,040 Anne Larrory Université Sorbonne Nouvelle Mar 04, 2019
12,039 Sabine Mammez Mar 03, 2019
12,038 Aurélie Bernard ERRAPHIS Mar 03, 2019
12,037 Dominique Levesque Laboratoire de Physique theorique Universite Paris-Saclay Fév 28, 2019
12,036 daniele segre amar Fév 28, 2019
12,035 Anaëlle EVRARD Université Paris-Sud Fév 27, 2019
12,034 Laura Faure Ibec Fév 27, 2019
12,033 Mariacristina Varano Fév 27, 2019
12,032 Baptiste SIMON Fév 26, 2019
12,031 Flora Iff-Noel Sorbonne Université Fév 26, 2019
12,030 Pierre Cuvelier ARSCAN Paris 10 Nanterre Fév 26, 2019
12,029 Yoan Miot Fév 26, 2019
12,028 Eric Rivals CNRS Fév 25, 2019
12,027 Jan-Peir MINER Fév 25, 2019
12,026 yvan segui Fév 25, 2019
12,025 Armelle Guilloux Fév 25, 2019
12,024 Thierry Boulinier CEFE Fév 24, 2019
12,023 Françoise Labaille CNRS, Retraitée Fév 24, 2019
12,022 Thierry Réveillé Institut Jean Lamour UMR 7198 Fév 23, 2019
12,021 François Le Yondre VIPS Fév 23, 2019
12,020 Katia Boissevain Idemec Fév 22, 2019
12,019 Timothy Anson LPT Orsay Fév 22, 2019
12,018 Jean-Baptiste DURAND CERCO -CNRS Fév 22, 2019
12,017 Cécile Véber INRAP Fév 22, 2019
12,016 Nguyen Thi Dang Université de Rennes 1 Fév 22, 2019
12,015 Jean-Pierre Leroy Fév 22, 2019
12,014 Dominique Schiff CNRS Fév 22, 2019
12,013 OLIVIER PENE CNRS Fév 22, 2019
12,012 Morvan Lallouet University of Kent Fév 22, 2019
12,011 Louise Charpentier Fév 22, 2019
12,010 Jean Tournadre UMR6523 LOPS Fév 22, 2019
12,009 Gilles Palsky UMR 8504 Fév 22, 2019
12,008 Charlotte Rulquin IBDM, Marseille Fév 22, 2019
12,007 Christophe Pouzat MAP5 et CNRS 8145 Fév 22, 2019
12,006 Axel Marmoret Fév 22, 2019
12,005 Wolfgang Ludwig UMR 5110 Cefrem Fév 22, 2019
12,004 Marion Perier Fév 22, 2019
12,003 Aude Danieli Laboraotire Fév 22, 2019
12,002 Vincent Fournée CNRS Fév 22, 2019
12,001 Cassier Maurice CNRS Fév 22, 2019
12,000 Pascale-Gabrielle GASPERINI Fév 22, 2019
11,999 Raphaël Brémondy Fév 22, 2019
11,998 Frédéric F. MARTIN DCS Droit et changement social (UMR 6297) Fév 22, 2019
11,997 Jean Pascal Dumoulin LSCE CNRS Fév 21, 2019